May 23, 2011

Mix It Up Monday- My Jegging Journey

I continue on my journey of trying new looks, (AKA- anything that has color)...sometimes it goes well, other times, not-so-much. 

This week, I was able to get out and do a bit o' shopping.  I was trying to stay away from anything that would be black, and I FORCED myself to buy some belts, (those pics will come later...still not ready for that just yet!).  I also ventured into the world of jeggings...

Now, before you get concerned, please know that I will ONLY be wearing these with the utmost caution!  I am well aware of my body type, and I know that these pants are for LIMITED USE! 

But I think I may have found an outfit that they work with, (and hey-they were on sale for cheap, so if I can only wear them with one outfit, so be it!).  I think pairing it with a longer top and cardigan works well because gives it some balance.  I also went with a cropped length so that they would be more summer appropriate.

My husband and kids seem to like it, so I've got that...

What do you think, (be kind please...I am still fragile here!)?

Cardigan, Jeggings and Jewelry: Avenue, Tank and Sandals:  Target

Love the long multi-colored beaded necklace and bracelet....I will get LOTS of use here!

I wore this outfit to church Sunday...same tank from above. Gray cardigan: Target  Skirt:  ??  (older item from my closet!).  Jewelry is same as above also, but necklace beads are wrapped around twice.

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  1. I think you look awesome!!! Actually the jeggings outfit is far more slimming than the skirt outfit.

  2. You look beautiful. I've never heard of jeggins, but I want to call them's more fun.

  3. I say congrats on getting jeggings! I haven't gone there yet! I do need to get some belts though!

  4. Thanks ladies for the kind words! You make me feel good, (and brave to try new things!)

    And Anon...I am laughing right now because jeggings is just a silly word for jean (denim) leggings. Goofy I know, but it works :)

  5. I like both outfits!! And I can see how just those pieces could be the beginning of a wardrobe capsule.

    You could add a shorter cardigan, another color top, and probably get 12 or more outfits.

    I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.

    Dressing My Truth

  6. Love the jeggings! I didn't even know they made them cropped! WTG!

  7. I think you look great! Good choice!
    (it's Becky....I just didn't know how to enter my name!!)

  8. hahha, love it! good job with the journey. i'm not that brave yet!! :)

  9. The jeggings outfit looks great, don't be afraid! :) Your pictures are a little hard to view when they are slanted though. Otherwise you look really nice and put together. Thank you!

  10. I think you rocked the jeggings!! Continue to go for it - easier said than done, I know!! I get stuck in a rut - I wear jeans and cardigans almost everyday - and it's hard to break the cycle!! I did purchase a new dress yesterday, so we'll see if I actually wear it!!
    Again, the jeggings look great!


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