May 16, 2011

Mix It Up Monday

In a recent post, I was explaining my love for fashion, even though I can be somewhat fashion challenged.  But, I have been experimenting with new styles, mostly inspired by other blogs. 

Here is a look I tried out this weekend, and let me just say, I.  Was.  Nervous.

Stepping out of my comfort zone of black was not easy, especially since I was going out for the night with my girlfriends.  Everyone who knows me, knows that Black is my go to color for just about everything.  I love it and it loves me.

But here I am, trying new things.

Let me know if you think this look works, or if it's a fail.  Check out some of the other blogs I mentioned and let me know what your favorite looks are from them, (they are WAY better at this than I am!).  And don't forget to post your own look at the Momma Go Round Real Momma Real Style Link up!  or The Pleated Popply What I Wore Wednesday Link Up

 Here is my 'Mix it up' outfit.  Using a scarf as a belt...LOVE getting a double use out of stuff!  Scarf, sweater and coral tee are from Target.

Turquoise and coral are two of my favorite color combinations for summer.  Jewelry is from The Flower Factory....Adore that place! 

My sandals are from Target too.  The sparkle and jewels make me feel like I'm in some fabulous tropical location.

This layered, belted look is for sure out of my comfort zone... 

My girlfriends...the ladies I love and that inspire me to Mix It Up!

This post will be linked up at Momma Go Round, Real Momma Real Style, AND The Pleated Poppy What I Wore Wednesday!

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  1. found you from Momma go Round - love your outfit!! :) I'm working up the courage to post pictures of my new fashion finds. :)

  2. Thanks ladies! And Mary, go ahead and post those brave! :)

  3. You look fabulous! I love the turquoise and pink combo!

  4. Way to be brave!! Love the color on you, especially with your dark hair! Super cute. I also wanted to say that I LOVE your "about me" mission about doing fun stuff... awesome. We also do the free movies and bowling over summer - yay free!

  5. I love the outfit overall. The color combo is great. I personally don't think I would wear the belt like that though, I would actually tie it around the waist of the pants.

  6. You look soooooo good in color. I can't even imagine you in just black all the time, color fits you so well!
    Keep it up, can't wait to see what you come up with next week!

  7. Luv this look...I actually think that wearing colors like these compliments your dark beautiful hair even more... and the scarf looks great as a belt. Scarves scare me!! I can't even wear them the normal way around my neck without it looking weird. I need help! I say you do a post some day showing a few different ways that you can wear the same scarf :)

  8. I think you look great!

  9. So cute and I love that coral color with your skin tone!!! (BTW I adore flower factory too!)


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