Jan 23, 2012

Mix It Up Monday: My wedding re-do

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Do you watch the show, "Say Yes To The Dress"? 

I am OBSESSED with it.

My husband has no idea how I can watch hours upon hours of women just trying on wedding dresses.

I have no idea how anyone could resist!!

I love seeing the women try on all the different styles and trying to choose which one looks best on them.  Often times I am yelling at the tv, "Pick that one!  That other one looks ridiculous!".  Sometimes they listen to me, sometimes they don't...

But that, mixed with the fact that my friend Maria, over at The BMC Report is helping to plan a wedding, has me wondering about how I would do things different if I got married today.

My husband and I are coming up on our 10th anniversary, and while I loved my wedding and had the best time planning it, I think that some of my tastes have changed since then and if I got married today, my wedding would definitely reflect that.

And of course, I would start with the dress.

Here is the dress I wore on my wedding day:

bad pic...sorry!!

Now, I like this dress very much.  It was within my small budget, it was traditional, (which is what I tend to go for), and was comfortable.  And of course, it holds wonderful, beautiful memories for me.


IF I had to do it again, and

IF I had an unlimited budget, and

IF I had the body I wanted,

then here are some of the dresses I would be trying on!

wedding dress
This dress is definitely different!  The beaded bodice is so pretty and the detail on the skirt is impeccable!

Wedding dress
This dress is romantic and sweet.  I think the full ballgown skirt is soft and flattering.  The slight bit of bling at the waist is the perfect touch.

wedding dress
If I wanted to go short and sassy, this would be my pick.  Ideal for a more casual wedding and perfect for dancing!

Pinned Image
This dress says chic!  It is sophisticated, cool and classy. 

vintage wedding gown
This dress is GORGEOUS!  Love the traditional style with the beautiful belt.

Dennis Basso Sweetheart Princess/Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Empire Waist in Taffeta. Bridal Gown Style Number:32286965
This dress is a stunner.  If I wanted drama, this would certainly be in the running!

And of course, I am a sucker for the back of a dress, too.  Because let's face it, that is what most people are looking at most of the ceremony.

are some of my favorite backs...

Paisiello Wedding Dress (Back) – Peter Langner Vienna 2012 Collection
The pattern on this is perfection.  Simple and understated, and still magnificent!

Elegant Lace Back Wedding Dress
My ABSOLUTE favorite back of all time!  I WISH I could pull this off because it is timeless!

back of a wedding dress
Who doesn't love a lace-up corset?  And the champagne sash is just the right touch.

Lauren Wedding Dress (Back) – Langner Couture Berlino 2012 Collection
I don't know if I even have words...this is just amazing!

So there you have it!  Now tell me, what would you change about your wedding?? 

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  1. Ok I know I sound totally crazy but I want to have a very pale yellow dress. I love your second picture! Take it from me I have had 4 wedding dresses and 3 weddings yikes! I have gone totally traditional and totally simple. I love all my dresses but I have always wanted a yellow dress and a killer tan to go with it!

    1. Allie: A pale yellow dress sounds beautiful! I think different is great.

  2. Honestly, the only thing I would change would be my hair and my shoes. I am going to have pictures taken of me and my husband in our wedding clothes soon though so that I can have wedding pictures with hair I like, and funkier shoes. :)


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