May 31, 2013

Last Day Of School Fun

Ummm, so it's been a while.

... like forever.

Actually, it's a long story, but the short version is, I wanted to write about my kids on my blog today.

So I am.

Wednesday was the last day of school for my girls.

Faith is going to be a second grader, and Addy is going to be a fourth grader.


Each year seems shorter and shorter.


We started our day off with Thank You notes and Gift Cards for the Teachers and Bus Drivers.

The Teachers got Target Gift Cards that said, 'Thank You For Keeping Us On TARGET This year'.

The Bus Drivers got Subway Gift Cards.  They didn't say anything clever.

Because ALL of my clever ideas come from Pinterest, and I couldn't find a cute bus driver/subway phrase.

Oh well...hope they enjoy the gift cards anyway :)

Anyhow, here are a few pics from our 'Last-Day-Of-School' Fun!

I got this idea from Pinterest and I did it last year, too.  It is the 'OFFICIAL' summer celebration sign :)

I always get some 'welcome to summer' gifts as well.  They love the surprises when they come home.  (Can you tell my girls might be a little Hello Kitty obsessed?)

This year, I decided to create a Summer Scrapbook for them.  They can add pages throughout the summer , detailing the fun things we do.

Addy loved all of her surprises

I also got each girl a Summer writing book.  They can write stories, they can write about their day,  they can write what they want to do...basically, they can write anything they want :)

Faith was happy to be home on her last day, and ready for summer to start!

She also loved all of her surprises!  I love seeing their faces when they see all the goodies :)

This is another idea I got from Pinterest.  I have a plan for each morning to start our day off right!  This way, there isn't a lot of sitting around, watching TV or being bored.  It keeps their brain active, and we get stuff accomplished!  More about this another time...

Later in the evening, we let the girls choose dinner, (They chose Beef O'Brady's because of the game room), and then we went to SOYO for some yummy frozen yogurt!

It was a fun last day, and a great kick-off to a spectacular summer!