Jun 7, 2013

The First Sleepover Of Summer

What girl doesn't love a sleepover?

My girls ask for them just about every week.

And just about every week, I say no.

Because while all girls love sleepovers, moms do not.

But since school was out for the summer, and because I have to earn some 'fun mom' points right out of the gate, this time, I said YES!

Here are some highlights:

Before their friends arrived, my girls helped me make double doozie cookies for an after dinner treat.

Addy and her friend, Rachel, being silly...which is mostly what they do all the time.

We did 'make-your-own-pizza' for dinner and the girls loved it!

Super Girl really enjoyed the cookies for dessert!

Faith and her friend, Annie, watched a little Pocahontas.

All of the girls played Sorry Sliders, which is always a hit!

In the morning, the girls requested cereal and homemade breakfast smoothies.  How can a mom say no??

What are some of your favorite Sleepover Activities to keep the kids entertained??

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