Mar 11, 2017

Our UPDATED Family

You could say I've taken a hiatus from blogging.

And you'd be right.

Life has been a weeeeee bit busy around here.

You see, we've added TWO kids to our family!!!!!

A few years ago, we decided that God was calling us to become foster care parents, and little did we know that He had a BIGGER plan!

(Doesn't He Always?!)

Anyhow, after spending over a year taking classes to get licensed, our first placement was a sibling group.  A boy and a girl who needed a forever home.

And we couldn't say no.

Because we love them.

And because we couldn't imagine sending them away.

So, here we are now.  A family of 6.

And who knows where God will take this journey.

We're just along for the ride :) 

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