Jun 29, 2011

The Birthday Celebration

I know I said I was feeling weird about turning 36, but my family and friends really went all out to make me feel so special yesterday that I had no time to stress over it.

The morning started with being awakened to my husband and the girls singing happy birthday to me in bed.  Then I was escorted into the kitchen where they had breakfast waiting for me.

An egg McMuffin from McDonald's...my guilty pleasure :)

Then they gave me my gift (a gift card to a local shopping center!), and handmade cards.  I think they were just as excited to give it to me as I was to get it! 

My husband had taken the day off work, so after breakfast and gifts, they let me go back to bed for a morning nap.  But just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard a knock on our front door and it was my sweet friend, Carrie, who dropped by with flowers and a card.  I LOVE fresh flowers, so it was an extra special treat. 

After finishing my nap, I got up, showered, and we headed to the pool.  It has been a kind of cold and rainy start to the summer season and yesterday was warm and sunny, so I was excited to be out enjoying it. 

After swimming at the pool, we came home and had brownies that the girls and Jeremy had made earlier in the day.  They were super yummy and gooey...perfect for this momma!

Then we got ready and headed to dinner at one of my favorite casual places and then did a little shopping.  And then shared Cheesecake from Cheesecake factory for dessert because the girls had never had it and were begging to try it.

The day was perfect.  I felt truly loved and my husband and girls worked hard to make sure that I enjoyed every second. 

PLUS, to top it all off, I came home to find that Nina from Momma Go Round had commented on Monday's post.  Can I just say I was star struck?!  I have been blog stalking her for a long time and I adore everything she does.  So to have her comment and compliment my outfit was a huge bonus to my day!  Thanks Nina!

So maybe turning 36 isn't so bad after all...and I'm hoping that the rest of the year is as good as the day itself :)

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  1. aww, i'm glad you had a fun birthday! you deserve it! :) love ya, girl!


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