Jun 5, 2011

Still Alive...

Well, I'm still here, but the computer is still all screwed up.

7 viruses.


Anyhow, while we are trying to get it back in working order, I am using my crackberry to check emails, stalk people on facebook, and of course stay in the blogger loop.

I can't load pictures and posting will still be limited, but at if I hear about a good deal or feel like there is something I MUST tell you about, (because I just *know* you are going through Family Fun Mom withdrawl), then I will do quick updates.

Speaking of updates, I wanted to tell you about my SUPER FUN girls trip this past weekend.
My friend Amy is turning 30, and so two other friends and I surprised her with an overnight trip. We stayed in a FAB Hotel, (thanks to her husband!), shopped, ate yummy food and laughed more than I had in a Very long time. It was the best, and it really makes me appreciate the frienships that God has blessed me with.

I mean seriously, what would we do without our girlfriends?!

Not have nearly as much fun, that's for sure!

So I want to encourage you, Get out with your girls! Make time for fun! Being a wife and mommy are important, but investing time in your friendships will bring amazing joy into your life! Just do it!!!!

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