Oct 25, 2012

Annual Leaf Jump

Every year, my in-laws have the girls over to do a leaf jump in their yard.

The girls LOVE it!

{Aren't they the BEST grandparents??}

Quote of the day: When I said that it sounded like their lucky day (because they had gotten the girls ice cream earlier in the day), Addy's reply was, "Every day is a lucky day when we're with Granny!"

It melted my heart to hear, in her own words, just how much she loves being with her....and I'm pretty sure she guaranteed herself ice cream for life with granny after that comment :)

This year, we also combined it with celebrating my (Wonderful) husband's birthday with dinner and an ice cream cake.

Here are some pics from the fun afternoon:


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    Thanks for all you do, you are an inspiration. Take care!



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