Oct 16, 2012

Here's What I Have To Say

As you all know, I am on a journey towards a healthier, fitter, skinnier me.

And I am succeeding!!

It almost feels wrong to write that.


Because I have failed so many times in the past.

And because it sounds like bragging.

But it should be okay to brag about that.  Right?

I think, like lots of women, I have gotten use to putting myself last.

'The kids need things for school and activities, so I'll just put off buying those gym shoes I need.'

Or, 'I need to be home to help my family in the evening, so I don't have time to go walking.'

Or, 'I feel bad for making my family eat the way I need to to be healthy, so I'll just eat what they like.'

Basically, we find all the reasons in the world to put others in front of our own needs.

We may have even meant to get back to us one day, but that day just kept getting pushed further and further away.

And then finally, we forgot about our needs altogether.

But not anymore!

I have decided that I am just as important as everyone else.

My health matters.

Just as much as my kids cheer leading, or the Christmas gifts they want, or my husbands new CD's.

It matters just as much as the way they want to eat, or the way that they want to spend our time.

It matters.

And so, I'm not going to feel guilty about it.

Not about spending the money on myself, or about taking the time I need to focus on me, or choosing to cook the food that I think is best for me.

And it feels good!

I feels freeing.

And I think, it's why I finally feel like I'm succeeding.

Because I'm not trying to get healthy working around everyone else's schedule, or needs or on anyone else's terms.

This is about ME!

And I'm not just okay with that.

I'm GREAT with that!

Tell me, have you struggled with this?  Or DO you struggle with this?

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