Jan 31, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

I know you might be thinking that it's too early to be planning a summer birthday party, but I would disagree.

First of all because it gets you thinking warm thoughts, and that alone is a good enough reason.

But also because the earlier you start planning, the more money you can save, (by buying when things are on sale instead of last minute!), and the more organized you can be!

So here is my list of Top ten Summer Birthday Party Ideas for kids!

10. A Swimming/Beach theme!  My friend over at Amy for Him did this last year and it was a HUGE success.  She decorated with sand and shells and gave out sand pails filled with treats for the favors.  The kids loved it!
picture via: http://amyforhim.blogspot.com/

9.  A Camping theme!  All kids love the adventure of camping, and I'm sure that this would be a big hit, especially with boys!  Some ideas are to have a bonfire and lets the kids roast hot dogs and marshmallows, (or you could even have a smores bar!), decorate with lanterns and canteens etc., and have a big tent set up that the kids could play in!  Here's a site with some fun ideas!

8. A Carnival theme!  This is a great idea for young children!  You could have different carnival style games set up (ring toss, fish for the prize, cake walk, etc.), and serve carnival treats like popcorn and cotton candy! 

7.  A Park Party!  This is a great idea if you can't/don't want to have the party at your home.  Most local parks have shelters that you can rent and the entertainment is already built in!  These are easy because you can order pizza or can do food picnic style!

Image Detail

6.  Hawaiian Luau Party!  This is great for girls who are a little older.  My sister did this for my niece and sent invitations like a message in a bottle, and decorated with lots of bright colors and fresh flowers!  The food should be tropical and don't forget the music and lei's!  Here's a site if you need a little help with the planning!

5.  Summer Garden Party!  This is a really sweet theme with lots of possibilities.  You could do fun finger foods, different flavored lemonades, and lots of plants and fresh flowers around. 

4.  Pirate Theme!  This can be done both indoors and outdoors, but boys will definitely love getting into this theme.  Make sure to have head scarves and eye patches for all the kids and do games with a pirate theme.  You could download the Pirates of The Caribbean theme music and if you're really into it, build a pirate ship out of cardboard for the kids to play in!

3.  Water Fun!  This is a great party for super hot days!  You can do different water games like water balloon toss, slip-n-slide,  dancing through the sprinkler, a water obstacle course, and end the day with a fun water fight! 

2.  Outdoor Olympics Theme!  This is a great one for boys and girls!  You set up tons of games that the kids compete in Olympic style.  Some suggestions are:  Sack races, badminton, relay races, balance beam walking, and discus throw!   Make sure and have lots of medals to give out, and trophies, banners and the ceremonial torch for decorations. Here is a site that has lots of suggestions!

1. An Ice Cream Social!  This is the one I am planning to do with my daughter this year (she'll be six!).  I am still thinking through ideas, but for sure we will have an ENORMOUS ice cream sundae bar, an ice cream cone pinata, and ice cream themed games like pin the cherry on the sundae.  Because summer and ice cream just go perfect together!

Ice Cream Shaped Cake

So tell me, do you have a summer birthday theme to share? 

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  1. You're speaking my language with fun birthday parties!!!

    I love the camping party! I'm totally doing that one day.


    1. Amanda: I totally want to do a camping themed party too some time. There are just a TON of possibilities for it! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Great ideas! I also love the camping and pirate themes. Great for little boys :)


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