Jun 21, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's been a little tough to think about the Awesome lately, but there has truly been too much of it NOT to share. 


I have said before how much I love our House Church.  And I have to say it again.

After my mom's passing, they rallied around our family and took care of us in a way that is beyond anything I can express.  The called, brought food, sent emails, watched my girls, and even came over THREE TIMES to do yard work and pull up our deck that was falling apart. 

Our yard looks better than it ever has, and I am THRILLED to be able to let my girls out on our back patio without worrying that they will fall and get hurt by an old board coming up.

I know that these people are a blessing from God and I am so very thankful for them!

Also Awesome:

The pool!  We have spent a lot of days lately relaxing by the pool.  We bring our lunch and snacks, and just spend the day.  Sometimes we even stay long enough to have dinner there also.  It just puts us all in a different place.  We take a breath, enjoy the sun and water, and move at a slower pace.  This is what summer is about to me.


This past weekend was Father's Day.  On Saturday afternoon we went to my in-laws to spend time with Jeremy's dad, Bill.  After lunch and cake, he began to open the cards the girls had made for him and then the gift.

After he took out the gift we got him, he looked back into the bag and said, "what is this?"

And he pulled out my younger daughter's underwear.

Ummmm, Happy Father's Day??

We still have no idea exactly how they got in there, but it was definitely an awkward moment.

Honestly, I was just glad they were clean underwear. 

He was a great sport about it, and if nothing else, it makes for great memories.

Here's hoping you have a lot of Awesome in your week!


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