Jun 18, 2012

My Husband Doesn't Like What I Wear

I read an online article the other week that was something like, "10 Things Men Don't Like That Women Wear". 

It made me curious because I didn't really think that men paid much attention to what women wear. 

Some things that made the list were harem pants, Uggs and anything neon.

It made me question if there were things I wore that my own husband didn't like.

But just as I thought, my husband loves everything I wear.

Ha!  Did you believe that? 

Nope, turns out he does have some opinions about what I wear, or how I wear my hair etc.

Fortunately for me, he usually keeps them to himself.  But when I ask, he is honest, (in a kind and sensitive way, of course!)

Turns out, his main pet peeve is when I wear my hair wavy/curly.  He says that it looks unkept and he prefers that I take the time to straighten it. 

my "unkept" hair...

He also isn't a fan of boots...especially my cowgirl boots. (Obviously, he doesn't know a great thing when he sees it!)

photo link

Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't.

Because while I like to look nice for my husband, and appreciate it when he thinks I look good, I dress more for myself than anyone else.

So what about you?  Do you dress for yourself or for your husband/others? 

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