May 8, 2012

DO'S and DON'TS for Mother's Day

Last week I wrote about my Ultimate Mother's Day.  I *think* my husband looked at it, but if not, I'm giving him another shot with this post.

And for the one other male that reads this blog, I am writing a list of things he SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do for Mother's Day.

1.  DON'T buy your wife an appliance or anything weight or exercise related!  Even if she asks, don't do it.  I promise you it's a trap. 

2.  DO let her sleep in.  After all, she has spent YEARS listening to you snore all night and has lost countless hours of sleep.

3.  DON'T ask her to plan her own day.  She pretty much has to plan everything else in your family's life, and this is her one day off.

4.  DO make reservations for breakfast/lunch/dinner!  You don't want to end up at home eating pizza for lunch.  I have learned this one the hard way :(

5.  DON'T leave her alone to take care of the kids.  For ANY reason.  For ANY amount of time.  She loves her kids, but on this particular day, she doesn't want to care for them.

6.  DO get her flowers.  I know that some women say they don't want flowers, but they're lying.  They'll say things like, "don't spend money on something like that", but you should know that the appropriate response is, "you are totally worth it!".

7.  DON'T complain or make the day about something else.  She doesn't want to hear about your sucky boss, or your car that isn't working, or that you're tired.  Again, this is her day.

8.  DO tell her what a great mom she is.  Be specific and make sure she knows you are paying attention to the hard job she does.  Because let's be honest, most days you aren't.

9.  DON'T get her a #1 Mom Mug...or any Mug for that matter.  Or any #1 Mom thing.  They're tacky, and she'll never really use it. 

10.  DO make sure she feels pampered all day long!

Any other things Men SHOULD or SHOULDN'T do for Mother's Day?  Let's hear them!

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