May 2, 2012

Putting My Kids Back In Diapers

It.  Never.  Ever.  Fails.

We're going out to lunch or dinner with friends

We get to the restaurant and just as I am getting into a really good conversation, (you know, after we have figured out seating, found ways to keep them busy and occupied, cut their food, encouraged them to eat, cleaned up their mess, taken a breath and started to eat my own meal), one of my girls says, "I have to go potty."

I think they hate me.

My heart sinks and my blood boils.

Don't they realize that this is my off duty time?  Couldn't they tell that I was enjoying myself?  Didn't they notice that this was the first adult conversation that I had gotten to have all day?

They don't even care.

I want to scream.  Like in a really loud and ugly way.  I want to yell, "didn't I tell you to go before we left the house?"

But I can't, because I don't want the reign of judgement from all the good parents.

So I get up and take them.

But I am annoyed. 

Like really annoyed.

So I have my own version of a temper tantrum and hurry them through it, and just as I sit back down, take a bite and try to figure out where we were in our conversation, the other child pops up and whadoyouthink she has to say?!

I need to go potty.

Why is The Lord punishing me?

I wasn't going to gossip.  I had no wrong intentions.  I just wanted to eat a hot meal, discuss Pinterest and find out when Brangelina is getting married.

But it's not meant to be.

I take her, and after we return, everyone is packing up to go.

Once again, they win. 

So, would it be wrong to put my 8 and 5 year olds back into diapers?


  1. How funny! I've had the same thought cross my mind on long car trips. I find myself telling my kids to only take little sips, so we don't have to stop. I found you on the Finding the Funny bloghop. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. That is exactly how it is for me, too! They always have to "go potty" at the wrong times. One day they will potty by themselves. I just know it. I have this hunch. (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny this week!)

  3. thats quite funny really. Always seems to happen at the wrong time. Im sure they would understand if u put them back in diapers. Maybe they'll enjoy it.

  4. You accompany your 8 year old to the bathroom??

    1. In this world, you would be stupid not to take even an 8 year old to the bathroom.

    2. completely agree!!

  5. On long car ride my daugther and neices always wore pull-ups. Back in those days did not surf internet much and store bought diapers were too small.

  6. Oh, dear! It's part of life and you may as well go with the flow!

  7. No go ahead. Let us know how it goes!!

    1. when we were going places and i reminded them to my 7 and 10 year olds kids wouldn`t even try to go to the bathroom.then about 15to20 minuts after we left one if not both had to use the restroom and if they couldn`t or i wouldn`t let them do so smostly because i was busy doing something right then.then.they`d just wet 6 about monthes ago i started making them wear diapers again when we went i have nothing to worry about when in the car and i can do alot more without having to take alot of potty brakes so much so no it would be wrong to put your kids back into diapers.

  8. Putting kids back in diapers for certain things like long car rides, shopping etc. is not wrong. My 15 year old still wears diapers even sometimes. It just makes good sense for certain occasions. You just have to make sure you buy the right size ones that hold a lot and fit them under very loose pants or a long skirt or dress.

  9. I can see telling them, "Youre a big boy/girl now, and big boys and girls go to the bathroom all by themselves. OR Target has a 2 for 1 special on Pampers. You make the call.

  10. I think it is fine. If it makes things much easier on you, they should accept the diapers, it really makes sense. Just get the proper size for them.

  11. I will add that I just recently came across an Adult diaper called Betterdry. Now none of us have to stop for anything for hours. You would be amazed at how well they work. Just saying.


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