May 21, 2012

House Projects and Other Stuff

Oh.  My.  Word.

It has been a looooong weekend. 

And not in the, "oh my gosh, we have extra days off school and work" kind of long.

Long in like, we had a TON of stuff going on.

In fact, the past 2 weeks have been like that. 

My brain is so fried that I can't even remember what I did the week before last, but last week was uniform fitting for cheer leading.

Every night I had to go and help parents size and fit their first through sixth grade daughters into bodysuits, spankies and sports bras. 

If that sounds like fun to you, then you have your own set of issues.

Actually, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, just time consuming.

And then on Friday, some kind of alien took over my body and decided it would be a great idea to paint my front door.  While 5 children were here.  While my husband was at work.

And then, as if that weren't enough, I decided to start pulling weeds and trimming bushes, too.

When my husband got home, he didn't know who this new woman was.  But since she was doing yard work, he decided to keep her and let the old wife go.

{I have a feeling she'll find her way back home, though...}

On Saturday, it was running errands, (with a stop off at the new frozen yogurt place for a treat!), and then back home to paint all the shutters, drag the patio furniture out of storage, and do more yard work.

Did you hear me?


And yes, I did it because according to my husband, "painting isn't his thing".  And BTW, he's right, because I have seen some of his handy work and it's actually worse than mine, which is saying something.

And then yesterday was church and then a nap while hubby mowed the lawn, (hey, I had to crash at some point), and then on to cheer/football meetings all evening. 

This morning, I was back at it.  I went to Home Depot to get more paint for the door trim and supplies to clear out the ivy in our front yard, (which I HATE!!!!).   And then I came home, got the kids lunch, and then started our dinner for tonight, which I am WAY excited about, (I'll share that recipe on Wednesday!). 

Whew, I may need another nap just writing all of that.

I'll share pics of the house when it's complete.

Let me re-phrase that.  Because I can assure you, it will NEVER be complete.

I'll post pics when the front of my house isn't embarrassing anymore.

There, that's about as honest as it gets.

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