Sep 2, 2011

A Much Needed Family Day

These past few weeks have been hectic to say the least.

With the start of school and sports and everything that comes with that, we have had little to no free time.

But now that August is winding down, our life is becoming a little less crazy.

Still crazy.  Just less of it.

So last Saturday we had a family day.  And it was wonderful!

My oldest daughter had been invited to a birthday party in Waynesville.

For those who aren't local readers of my blog, Waynesville is a little village south of here that is cute and quaint, and has lots of little antique shops etc.

So while Addy was at the birthday party, my husband, my youngest daughter, and I went into town and had lunch at a little place called The Village Family Restaurant.

It doesn't look like much, this little place, but it is soooo yummy! 

It's kind of like diner food.  Nothing fancy, just honest and real goodness at it's best.  

After that, we treated Faith to a cupcake at The Cake Diva. 

Oh.  My.  Goodness. 

First of all, they are huge!  Faith chose a chocolate cupcake with buttercream icing.  But the surprise is that they inject the buttercream into the middle of the cupcake!

And we're not talking about just a small squirt.  It's A LOT of icing in the middle!

It was messy, and rich, and just perfection.  We will definitely be getting more of those!!

We had just enough time for me to browse a couple antique stores before we picked Addy up.  Just enough time, actually, for me to realize that I need to spend much more time in this little town.

After picking Addy up, we visited a place not far from there called Pioneer Village.  It's all these old log homes and it is really cool. 

Unfortunately for us, it was pretty hot that day and the girls were not much into walking around the village to see every home.  We kind of made a quick stroll through and got some pictures, and are hoping to go back when the weather is a little cooler and also when the houses are open.  (they were closed that day, but we have heard that they open them during the Holidays for special dates.)

And finally, we took the girls to the beach at Caesars Creek.

So let me tell you that the beach at Caesars Creek is kind of just some sand on the lake edge.  Enough for families to gather, play, swim and watch the boats out on the lake, but not like a real/big beach.  {BTW, the people watching there is some of the best there is!}  But to my girls, we could have been at the ocean!  They were SOOOO excited!  We brought buckets and shovels to dig with and  they seriously could not have been happier.  In fact, they have asked to go back every day since :)

Momma on the other hand is not so much a fan of the beach.  I'm more of a pool kind of gal, even at the ocean. 

I like to put my beach chair into the water for a bit and let it splash over my feet, and maybe even walk into the water up to my waist.  But that only lasts for an hour or so, and then I'm ready for pool time.

But I know how much the girls love it, so I suck it up and make believe that I too love the sand and waves. 

We had a great time and the girls were WORN OUT by the time we were done.  We headed home, ate a quick supper and took showers, (digging sand out of all kinds of fun places...) before heading to bed.

I would say it was one of the best days we had in a long time.  For me, it was a reminder that in the middle of all the chaos, it's important to remember why you do it all and make time for being with those people.

And that's why this weekend, my husband and I are getting some quality alone time of our own to celebrate nine great years together!  Grandparents are taking the kids and my husband has planned a fun and relaxing weekend for just the two of us to spend together. 

So if you don't hear from me for a few days, assume I am having a fabulous time enjoying life with the people I love!

Hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend and I'll see ya back here next week!

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