Sep 22, 2011


So today there is a lot of stuff floating around in my brain.

I thought I would unload it on my blog.

You're welcome.

First, I have my first cold of the season.

It's yuck.

I mean, for sure I have been much sicker before, and I am able to do all the stuff I normally do.  But now I have to do it while being tired and with a stuffed up nose. 

I don't like it.

I even had to miss a girls night last night because I just needed to rest.

And you know if I had to miss a girls night, I am DEFINITELY not feeling well.

In other news...

I don't like the new Facebook.

And before you start, I have already seen that little snippet about how we should be grateful for this wonderful free service that we all get.

Yeah yeah.

But while it is free, (and I DO appreciate that!), I still don't like what they did to it.

It's harder to use, and it takes me more time to stalk the people I want to.  And I don't have more time.  Annoying.

But here's something I DO like:

My oldest daughter, Addy, who is in second grade made Student Council!  She had to write a speech and give it to her class and they voted.

A big deal for second grade if you ask me.

She was SO excited and I am SO proud of her.  I think this may be her first step towards being President of the United States. 

Am I getting a little ahead of myself?

Another thing I am excited about...

New Fall TV!

I am glad to have all my shows back.

And it seems like there are some pretty good new shows too.

Last night, I watched Revenge.  It kind of reminded me of how Desperate Housewives started.  Lots of mystery that is slowly unfolding and interesting characters that you aren't sure are good or bad. 

I'll keep watching.

I also recorded The X Factor.  I'll let you know what I think after I watch it.  I am curious to see if I will like it as much as or more than American Idol.

And I want to watch Pan Am too.

I know, this is the most thrilling blog post ever.


So tell me, are you watching any new shows?  What's good so far?  What do you think of the new Facebook?  Any miracle cures for the common cold? 


  1. First of all...I totally agree with you about Facebook. It is kind of ticking me off! Secondly, Parenthood never fails! LOVE IT! Also, I watched New Girl...HILARIOUS! I can so relate to that girl. Thinking you are funny, but really just being quirky and ridiculous!

  2. I loved Revenge! The Ringer is kinda cheesy but I will still watch. And the show Whitney (tonight on NBC) looks funny!

  3. i feel like everyone is saying how they don't like the new facebook but i kinda do! you can make a lists of people you want to stalk so when you click a list, only those people's status updates and whatever else they do comes up. there does seem to be a lot of time that needs to be invested though, in order to tailor it to how you want it to work for each specific friend... and i haven't done that and probably never will. i just like how i have a family list that i can click on to see what my fam is up to... and HC, and close friends, etc. i haven't done much more with it than that, but i like that part...

    anyway, so sorry you have a cold! i had my first one last week. not cool. wish i had a remedy for ya, but all i can say is wash your hands a lot and hope your kids don't get it! cuz you don't wanna have them staying home from school!!!! ;)

    i watched a bit of x factor last night... not enough to know if i like it yet. my big shows are the sing-off (LOVE that show) and biggest loser, although i'm getting closer to giving that one up. i think parenthood and new girl look really funny but i am trying not to add any new shows to my list so i can try to be more productive (since that's the only time i really have to get anything done!) :)

    congrats to Addy!!!! that's awesome! she does seem like student council material though. :)

  4. wow that was long... too much coffee today. :)

  5. My favorites: Parenthood (My #1!); New Girl; Sing-Off; Grey's; Whitney; Up All Night. GREAT shows this fall!!! :)


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