Sep 27, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Couple's Halloween Costumes

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Halloween?

Well I do.

I love all the candy, decorations, cheesy haunted houses, and especially costume parties.

I am fortunate enough to have a couple to go to each year, and of course, my girls get to go to a few also :)

One of the fun, (and tricky), parts about costume parties are coming up with costumes for a couple that are inexpensive. 

I usually start trying to figure something out for my husband and I in July, (or as soon as I know the theme for the parties).

This year has been busy so I have gotten a late start. 

Basically, I have no idea what we're going to be.


Here is My Top Ten Couple Costumes on The Cheap!

10.  Tourists!  My husband and I went as this one year, and it was fun (and inexpensive!), to put together.  Get some goofy Hawaiian shirts, a hat, a fanny pack, a camera around your neck and your good to go.  If you want to throw in some socks and sandals for good measure, that wouldn't hurt either.

9.  Jack and Jill!  Jack has a broken crown and a little blood running down his face.  Jill has bruises and both are carrying pails.  Usually shirts that say 'Jack' and 'Jill' are a good idea too.

8.  Pregnant Lady and The Milk Man!  Could be controversial, but will definitely be funny!

7.  Bee Catcher and Bumble Bee!  Guy wears white or khaki shirt and pants and a hat with a net over it, along with white rubber gloves.  Lady wears all black with yellow stripes and wings.

6.  Clark Kent (Super Man) and Lois Lane!  Guy wears a button up white shirt and tie, with a Super Man Tee under, (have a few buttons open to see the Superman logo tee under), and the lady wears a business suit or skirt and dress shirt.

5.  Cousin Eddie and Katherine from the Christmas Vacation movie!  My sister and her husband went as this last year and it was hilarious!  She got her dress from Goodwill and he just wore a robe and hat, (make sure you have the plumbing tube, cigar and beer can if you want to make it authentic!)

4.  Napoleon Dynamite and Deb!  My husband and I went as this last year.  The Napoleon wig, glasses and 'Vote for Pedro' shirt are easy to find, (and not very expensive!), and Deb is easy!  Just put in a side ponytail, cuff your jeans, wear a polo shirt with your collar up and a few tacky bracelets.

3.  Adam and Eve!  You have to be careful with this one, but the costumes don't cost much... :)

2.  Sonny and Cher!  Get a long black wig and a crazy dress from Goodwill and the guy can wear polyester pants and an ugly shirt.  Make sure and get him the mustache too if he doesn't have one!

1.  Bride and Groom!  There are always cheap dresses at Goodwill, and you can just out him in a suit.  OR, you can put him in red and go as Kathryn and Will on their wedding day, OR you can rough it up and go as my friends did last year and be a redneck bride and groom...

I hope you got some good ideas!  I am linking up with Oh Amanda for Top Ten Tuesday!  Be sure to check out all the other great Top Tens this week!


  1. These are fabulous ideas! My favorite is the redneck bride and groom, but if any of my family members are at the party that one might not go over well - hits a little too close to home. It would be so awesome, though! I'd put the bride in boots and add a NASCAR cap over the groom's mullet.

  2. Fun list! Couple friends of ours-- parents of four small children-- dressed up as "peace and quiet" one year. It was great-- the dad was a hippie and the mom was a mime. LOL!

  3. I love this! Every year I want to dress up with my hubby but we never do. Maybe he'll go for the redneck bride and groom. Thanks!

  4. I heard of a couple going as a redneck couple, however the girl was pregnant so she went as the redneck guy *beer belly and all. Then the guy went as the redneck girl.


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