Mar 9, 2012

Do You Like Changes?

You may not have noticed, but I made a change on the blog.

It's not the colors or layout I'm talking about, (but I did change those, too).

It's that I'm no longer using different fonts, and limiting the size changes of the text.

I made the change because several people told me that they preferred that I stick to one size and font.  Some because it tended to run together on their screen, and others because they just preferred the look of it.

I took their advice and started making the changes...but it's been MUCH harder than I thought it would be.

You see, I tend to write like I talk.  And when I talk, I am very expressive! 

It's like someone telling me not to use my hands when I talk...I would feel awkward and I don't think it would work.

That's kinda how I feel not using all my font changes and text sizes. 

But I'm sticking to it because I want to make my readers happy.  Although, I have been noticing that I am using the bold and italic buttons a lot to make up for it :)

So tell me, are changes hard for you, too?  Do you like that I'm using one font and one size (mostly)? 


  1. I tend to type like I talk too, I feel ya! Honestly, I kinda like it better the other way because I can literally hear you saying it haha! Either way is great and I do enjoy reading your blogs :)


  2. I like it the other way too! Only because I know you and know that is truly how you speak!

  3. Ben suggested a fix for this. Remind me next time we talk and I'll tell you.

  4. I agree with Amy! :)


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