Mar 26, 2012

I Love My New Shoes

While at Blissdom, the blogging conference I went to, I received a free pair of Dr. Scholl's shoes from Famous Footwear.

Now, I know what you're thinking, (because I thought it, too).

"Isn't Dr. Scholl's some kind of orthopedic shoe for old people?"

Yep, I had that same thought.

But, no, apparently, they're not!

I was surprised when I saw them, that they were actually really cute.  In fact, I had been wanting a pair of similar shoes for a while.  This is the shoe we received:
Dr. Scholl's Women's Jamie Shoe

Peeps, I am here to tell you that I AM IN LOVE!

These shoes are sooo comfy!  They feel like slippers, they're so comfortable.  And they are cute also!

Because I loved these shoes so much, (seriously, you just have to try them to know the level of comfort I am talking about!), I decided to check out the Dr. Scholl's site and see if they had other cute shoes, or if this was a fluke...something just made to grab our attention at a blog conference.

But I was super surprised to see lots of cute shoes, especially these fun little wedges:

Dr. Scholl's Women's Trustin Sandal

All moms know that it is hard to find cute and stylish shoes that can keep our feet feeling great even after hours of pushing a stroller and running after our kids.  But ladies, I think we may have found a winner, because Dr. Scholl's is no longer your grandparents shoe! 

Oh, and also, just want to clarify that while I got the one pair of cute shoes for free, I was NOT asked to blog about them, and I was also not given anything else for free from Dr. Scholl's or Famous Footwear.  I just REALLY love these shoes, and want to share this great find out with all my other momma friends!

If you want to read my full disclosure page, feel free to do it here!


  1. I had no idea Dr. Scholls made such cute shoes!! Love them!

  2. I wear mine every. single. day. Haha, but you knew that already ;)

  3. Wow the shoes are really cool and being orthopedic footwear increases it worth.


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