Mar 15, 2012

Want The Real Truth? Ask A Kid!

You may not have noticed, but I re-wrote my 'About Me' page the other week.

The original write up was done when I first started this blog, and while good, it was sort of generic.

After some prompting from friends, I decided to make it more my personality.

If you read it, (which I HOPE you do...), you'll see that at the end of the first paragraph, I let you know how awesome I am.  :)

It was meant as kind of a joke, and to show that I can poke fun of myself and have fun with this little blog.

But on the day I wrote it, I was reading it to my husband, aloud, and just after I read that part, my five-year-old, (who I didn't even know was listening), piped up and said, "Well, you're not that awesome!".

Ummm, excuse me?  Who asked you?

I just had to laugh. 

I may have days that I get a little full of myself.  I might think my outfit is great, or my hair is just perfect, or that I just wrote the most amazing post int he whole world. 

But The Good Lord knew that I needed some back-to-reality kind of truth in my life.  So He gave me 2 kids :)
My husband, I, and my 2 Truth Tellers!

So do you have any funny 'TRUTH TELLING' stories to share? 

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