Jul 31, 2012

Back To School 2012: 10 Last Minute Things To Do With Your Kids BEFORE School Starts

I had Grand Plans for our summer this year.

No vacations, but lots of fun things to do around here.

Remember my Summer Bucket List?

Ummm, let's just say a few of those things didn't happen.

(And by a few, I mean several...or most.)

BUT, there's still a little time left, and we can make the most of it!

Here are 10 Things you should definitely try to fit in BEFORE the madness of school begins!

10. Go To The Drive In!  I LOVED the drive in when I was a kid, but my kids have yet to experience this fun summertime tradition.  We.  Will.  Make. It.  Happen.

9.  Have a Yes Day!  My friend does this with her kids and they love it.  It's a day where the answer is always yes, (within reason).  Ice Cream for Breakfast?  Yes!  Spending The Day on The Wii?  Yes!  Staying up late?  Yes!

8.  Nigh time Fun Run!  This is a fun little tradition I heard about last year.  After you put the kids to bed, wait about 30 minutes, and then run in and tell them it's "fun run" time.  You all load into the car, pj's and all, and drive to do something fun like ice cream, or a park, or maybe even the drive-in :)

7.  Camp Out In the Backyard!  This was something I did every year as a kid, and it was so much fun!  Let the kids invite a few friends over and make your backyard your own little camping ground!

6.  PJ Day!  This is actually one of my favorite days, but the kids enjoy it too.  Spend the ENTIRE day in pj's doing fun stuff around the house.  Snacks, movies, board games, whatever!

5.  Water Park Day!  Soon, all the water parks will be closed.  So take advantage of them now before homework and fall sports take over.  If visiting a Water Park isn't in the budget, you can visit a spray ground, or even make your own water park at home!  Check out this great site for ideas!

4.  Hiking!  A family hiking day has become a tradition of ours, and we love it.  It's a great time for family to reconnect and talk about nature, what's going on in their lives and get some great exercise!

3.  Garage Sales!  I have said it a million times, but kids love going to garage sales!  Give them a budget and set out to let them find their own little treasures.  It teaches them about money, value and it's a great time for the whole family.

2.  A Park Tour!  Our city has about 4 million public parks (okay, I might be exaggerating a little, but it's a lot!), and we haven't even come close to visiting them all.  I'm betting the area you live in has more than you would have thought, too.  Take the kids on a tour of parks for an entire day and discover what your city/area has to offer!

1.  A Lemonade Stand!  no summer is complete without one!

Do you have any other great ideas for last minute Summer Fun?  Share!  Share!  Share!

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  1. I love these ideas!! I just wish we still had a drive in movie theatre around here. :(


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