Jul 17, 2012

Garage Sale Tips

This week I am preparing for a garage sale.

Aren't you jealous??

Especially because it's in the 90's here and really, what sounds like more fun than going through boxes of random, old junk in your sweltering garage??

It's a party over here!

Actually, even though it's hot, I am glad to do it.

We have a TON of stuff to get rid of.

Between my parents stuff and mine, there is a pleasant mix of burp clothes that are 8 years old, onsies, naked Barbies, mauve decorative pillows, faux flower arrangements, and decade old appliances. 

I know, hot items!

And for those of you who also want to experience the thrill of having a Garage Sale, I have a few tips that might help.

10.  Advertise in the Paper.  I have sometimes chosen not to advertise in the paper thinking that posting it on my Facebook page and on Craigslist was enough.  But it really DOES make a difference in the amount of traffic you get.  It's usually around $30-$40, but you'll definitely make that back.

9.  Post Clear Signs.  People need to be able to find you.  There's nothing more annoying than driving around looking for a garage sale and there's no clear directions.  People usually give up after a few minutes of looking.

8.  Coordinate with neighbors/friends.  I don't always do this, but when I do, I usually have much more success.  If your neighborhood or city does a Garage Sale date, try to do yours then, too.  If not, get together with a few friends and do a multi-family one.

7.  Sell Refreshments.  Kids love to get involved and this is a great way for them to do it.  Let them sell Lemonade, Water, Cookies, whatever.  People almost always buy from kids, and on hot days, you may make more on drinks then on your old junk :)

6.  Don't Price too high!  I know that you think great grandma's quilt is worth millions, but to someone else, it's just a dusty, old quilt.  Be reasonable, and be willing to negotiate.  After all, the goal is to get rid of things you're not using.

5.   Have Change!  Be sure to go the day before and get plenty of Quarters, One's and Fives.  I can't tell you how many sales I've been the first person to, and the seller can't make change.  Annoying!

4.  Be Organized.  Your stuff will sell better if it's laid out in an organized and clear way.  Pile/Hang clothes by size, put house decorations on one table, Put all the tools in one bin...basically make it easy for your buyers to find what they would be interested in.

3.  Clean Your Stuff!  I once found a Janie and Jack dress at a Garage sale that I KNEW was worth $50.  The seller was asking $20.  Only problem was, there was a small stain on the front.  When I showed her and offered her $5, she took it because she didn't know if the stain would come out.  Fortunately for me, it did.  My daughter wore it and I resold it on ebay for $50!  Bottom line:  Wash and clean your stuff and you will bring a higher price!

2.  Have Bags.  Some buyers want to load up on stuff, so make it easy for them by having bags that they can put stuff in.

1.  Let it all go!  As I said, the main goal is to get rid of stuff.  If it's the last day, make it clear that everything has to go, so tell them to make an offer!  THEN, have a plan to immediately take anything left to Goodwill.  (In some area's, Goodwill will bring a truck to you and collect the stuff). 

Do You Have Any Other Tips For a Successful Garage Sale??  If so, I'd LOVE to hear them!!


  1. I hope your sale goes great!! I hate garage sales, personally, but I wish I didn't. Oh, think of the money I could have made selling my stuff instead of tossing it or giving it to Goodwill!! Seriously, I admire garage sale people because I have yet to find the patience and dedication it takes to have a good one. (Now, I will say that a couple years ago, I added my stuff to a friend's garage sale, and that was awesome. Until I spent all the money I made on another friend's clothes that just happened to fit my daughter...) :)

  2. We had a yard sale, too. We made over $200, which we will use to go on a short family vacation!

    1. Way to go Susan! Hope you enjoy your vacation!!

  3. Thanks for your tips! I wrote some tips of my own on my blog :



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