Jul 10, 2012

How To Raise The Perfect Children

Did you seriously think I was going to say I had the answer to this?

The truth is, I don't think there are perfect children.

And even if there were, I wouldn't have a clue about how to raise them.

Anyone who knows my kids knows FOR SURE that they aren't even in the same galaxy as perfect. 

In fact, if my kids don't end up in juvy, I feel like I've done my job well.

{Okay, maybe over exaggerating a little here.  They're not quite on their way to juvy...}

{BTW, does juvy even exist anymore??}

But isn't it crazy how much we, as moms, worry about our kids, and try to make them as perfect as possible?

We teach them to read before kindergarten so that they'll be in the top of their class.

We take them to play dates when they're one so they'll begin to develop good social skills.

We feed them organic non-fat food so that they will never be overweight or sick.

We put them in every sport available so that they'll develop athletically.

We make them take piano and art so they'll be well rounded.

We make them double check their homework so there's no mistakes.

We watch their every move so that they'll never get hurt.

We decide who they can be friends with so that we can control their influences.

We demand good behavior at all times.

We want them to have a sense of humor, but not to be too silly.

We buy them the best clothes so that other kids, (and moms), will notice.

We want them to be well liked.

We threaten them with the consequences of bad choices.

I mean, this list could seriously go on for days...

But why??

Why do we do all of these things?

And it's not that we would ever say we are trying to raise perfect kids, but isn't that what all of these actions point towards?

Is it that we think it will help our kids have a better life?

Is it that we think we can help them to avoid all the pain and hard times that life brings?

Because we can't.

As much as we might want to, life will challenge them. 

And I don't think it's our job to make them perfect, as much as it is to love them through the challenges.

And please don't think I'm pointing fingers. 

I am guilty of several of the statements above.

But I'm learning that maybe I need to step back and re-think things.

Maybe my kids don't want to do sports anymore.  Maybe they're more artsy kind of kids.  I'm gonna be okay with that.

Maybe they should learn that it's okay to make a mistake on your homework.  Sometimes you remember better that way.

Maybe they need to make a friend that comes from a family different from ours.  Maybe they can teach each other a few things.

Maybe they need to be as goofy as six and eight year olds should be.  And I need to not let it bother me.

And maybe, just maybe, they need to experience some of life's really tough consequences so that they will know that when times are tough, Jesus still loves them, and so does momma.

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