Jul 13, 2012

Summertime Blues

Summers are interesting.

I love the extra time with the girls, the laid back schedule, and the time at the pool.

But, there is one teensy weensy thing I DO NOT like.

The fact that I have to entertain my kids All.  Day.  Long.

After the first couple of weeks, they start to complain that all parks are the same.

{Which they pretty much are}

And we have seen every kid friendly movie at the theaters.  And on Netflix.  And on Demand. 

They only want to go to the pool when their friends are there, (which we never seem to predict correctly), and only if I take out a personal loan to afford enough snack bar items to keep them happy.

Plus, they are fighting pretty much every single second of the day.

"She touched me"

"She took my doll"

"She turned the TV off"

"She said I couldn't come in her room"

"She's cutting my hair"

It never ends.

And I am starting to lose my mind....

And I think people are starting to notice.

I am so used to speaking through clenched teeth that I have started answering my phone that way.

{My sincerest apologies to Police and Fire Widow's and Children's Fund.  I really do think it's a great cause...}

And as I'm trying to check out at the library, (as the girls literally scream and kick at one another behind me), the librarian looks at me like I'm crazy.

{Which I pretty much am}

I probably should ask if she could recommend any good parenting books.

But I think we both know it's a lost cause.

So I ask about books on wine instead.

And Valium.

Hey, whatever gets us through, right?

I keep trying to motivate myself into a better mood, telling myself that these times are precious and that one day soon I will wish I had them all back.

But then one of my girls spills a bottle of juice all over the floor and jerks me back to reality.

The truth is, as much as I DO love having them home, I am really ready for school to start.

Please tell me I'm not the only one??!!

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