Jul 29, 2012

Back To School 2012: Fashion For Kids

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It's that time again!

All the stores are starting their Back-To-School sales, and we start to think about what our kids will be wearing.

If your school shopping experience is anything like mine, it usually involves arguing over what's cool vs. what's affordable.

My kids want whatever's in style, no matter the cost.

I want to not have to take out a second mortgage on my house in order for them to achieve that "cool look".

I've done a little research on what's "in" for this season, and that way, you can be on the lookout for a good deal.

That way, we ALL win!

For Girls, the trends are:

Plaid, Bright Colors, Argyle, Anything that sparkles (think sequins and glitter!), Peace Signs, Animal Prints, Dresses and Leggings, and cutesy graphic tees.

Check out my 'Back To School For Girls' Pinterest Page for samples of some of these looks and where to find them:

For Boys, the trends are:

Plaid, Skater Style (think skinny jeans, and tees), Argyle, High-Top Shoes, Military/Camo, Layering, Fedora Hats, and Graphic Tees.

You can also check out my 'Back To School For Boys' Pinterest Page for samples of these looks, too.

Here are a few tips to help you as you shop:

  • Take note of the styles that are in, and then look for them at discount places like Target or WalMart.  They may not have as big of a selection of "in" styles, but even if you can just get a few pieces there, that will help!
  • Try to find jeans, khaki's, and other basics at places like Goodwill and second hand shops.  I always get lucky and find tons of Gap and Old Navy jeans at my local Goodwill!
  • Try to keep from buying sweaters, coats etc. until later in the fall.  Even though they are out now, kids won't wear them for a while, and by then, the prices will be much better!
  • Shop armed with coupons!  Gymboree often sends out 30% off coupons, and they also have a loyalty card.  Gap and The Children's Place do the same.  Save those for the few items that you really want that you know you won't be able to find someplace else.
  • Set a Budget and stick to it!  You don't need to buy everything all at once.  Most likely, your kids can and will be wearing most of their summer shorts and tops for the first month or so.  Time is money and you can be saving for more items while they are wearing those.
  • Shop Online when you can!  Often, you will get a better price for the same items as in the store!

I hope this helps you as you set out to keep your kids in style this season!

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