Apr 2, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese- an Unexpected Date Night

The other day my sister asked me to watch her 2 older kids for a little bit in the evening, which was fine, but I didn't really have a dinner plan and it was during dinner hours.

So what's a girl to do?

Tell her husband that we were going to take all 4 kids to Chuck E. Cheese.

Let's just say he was a little less than thrilled.

Anyhow, I had some coupons, (NOTE: If you sign up on the Chuck E. Cheese site for emails, they send you GREAT coupons pretty regularly. You even get absolutely free tokens on the kids' birthdays and half-birthdays! Click here to sign up!), and the kids were SUPER excited.

Corey and Addy showing off their skillz

With my coupons, we ended up with a gazillion tokens, so we divided them up among the four kids, and off they went. It was Awesome because Addy and my nephew, Corey, are old enough now that they can go off on their own and they just know to come back every little bit to report in. Plus, my niece, who is in middle school, was able to hang out with my younger daughter the whole evening. We seriously were able to have like a whole hour to ourselves! And I know that you are wondering how good that hour could have been at Chuck E. Cheese, but since it was a week night, it really wasn't that crazy, and we had a booth with no one next to us or behind us, so it was actually pretty quiet, (or as quiet as Chuck. E. Cheese can be. I have also been in the mornings, and that is a great time to go too.).

Faith and Kami playing Air Hockey

My husband even commented that it was actually a one of the first times all week that we had been able to just sit down and talk to one another. I think he might be a Chuck E. Cheese believer now :)

The kids couldn't thank us enough for the fun night. And since I don't get hugs and kisses from my niece and nephew that often anymore, that was worth it all right there! So next time you are looking for some good family time -or maybe a date night- think about Chuck E. Cheese...you never know!

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