Apr 21, 2011

Momma Friends

For stay-at home mommies, having good momma friends is a MUSTIt's like our lifeline to normal. 

They understand when they call at 1pm and you say you haven't showered yet.

They don't judge you when your kid throws themselves on the ground and begins to scream, "You don't care about me!".

They totally agree with you when you explain how it makes sense to eat chocolate when dieting.

They lie to you and tell you how cute you look in your tattered old shirt that you know you need to throw out, but can't because it is so comfy and makes you feel good, (stains and all!).

They don't ever make you feel like you are less than, even though you are totally envious of their wonderfully fabulous life.

Some name a room after you in their basement because you know you are always welcome.

They will pick up your kids from school when you are too lazy to do it yourself.

They don't look at you like your crazy when you suggest that all of you should vacation together, kids and all, (even when it's an RV trip across the country!)

They are always up for play dates because they know that a play date for the kids really means time for us to chat and drink coffee, (and feel like we have a life).

Some have special pet names for you so that when you answer the phone and hear it, you know exactly who it is, and you smile.

They will call and check on you when you are going through a rough time, and even send a meal.

They get your crazy obsession with Twilight and don't make you feel like a weirdo for being in love with a vampire, (because they are in love with him too).

They offer to help bake goodies for your kids school so you don't have to stay up all night and do it all by yourself.

They aren't afraid to admit that they too have fed their kids Taco Bell for dinner...more than once.

They don't even blink twice when you tell them that you locked your kids outside in the backyard so you could watch a show you DVR'd.

Lady Gaga on the radio?  Perfectly acceptable!

And when your husband goes out of town, they call up and offer to take your kids for the day so you can have a day to yourself.

These are the kind of momma friends I have.  Some I have known for a really long time.  Some I have met through our house church.  Some I have met though other momma friends, and some are the kind of new friends that instantly feel like you've known them forever.  But I treasure each of them and I know without a doubt that they help me to be a better momma and a better person. 

So to all my lovely momma friends, Thank You!  I hope you know that I am blessed by our friendship, and that I truly appreciate each and every one of you!


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