Apr 10, 2011

CoCo Key Review

On Thursday we went to CoCo Key and had an AWESOME time! We had never been before, and we were excited to try it out. Plus, we found an great deal, so that made it even better.

It opened at 4pm on Thursday, so we got there just before 4 and stood in the small line outside until they opened the doors. I had pre purchased our tickets online, so as soon as we checked in, (and got a locker for $6), we headed inside to find a table. Fortunately, there were a lot of them, and they were located all over the indoor park, so no matter where your kids would be spending time, you could be close by.

Faith was more into the younger kids area, (for kids under 48'), which included 2 slides, a water mushroom and a zero entrance area. It also had a large screen with cartoons playing overhead.

Addy was all over the place! There was an area in the middle, called Parrot's Perch, mainly for kids 3-8 that had twisting slides, lots of sprouting water, bridges, and a HUGE bucket that tipped over the whole area when it was filled...lots of fun for kids, not so much for adults trying to stay dry :)

There was also a lazy river that our whole family enjoyed, (and Addy found from friends from her school that she went on it with, too!), and a Super slide that Addy and Jeremy did twice.

We also had dinner there and while there weren't a ton of options as far as food goes, (pizza, burgers, chicken fingers, and hot dogs), we were all able to find something we liked, and our family of 4 ate for $25, which I didn't think was bad. There is also the Wet Rooster Bar, for adults, that serves cocktails and other drinks if you need it, (and if your kids are as crazy as mine, you just might by the time you are done)

There were a few areas our family did not check out, which included the ho tub, (it wasn't in service while we were there), The Coral Reef Cavern, which has water basketball and the lily-pad adventure, or the Arcade.

The water park stayed open until 9pm that evening, but mom and dad, were worn out by 8, so we packed up to go. And while the girls insisted that they had more energy and wanted to stay longer, something tells me they were pretty exhausted too.

We will definitely be back to visit CoCo Key again, hopefully soon! I think Addy said it best when she said, "The only bad part, was the having-to-leave part".


  1. love that you reviewed this place! makes it so much easier for me in deciding where to go with the boys when they get a smidge older...how far of a drive?

  2. That's the great part, Marcella! It is only about 40 minutes away, so it's not too far for an evening activity or day trip. Your boys will LOVE it!


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