Apr 13, 2011

Things I Love About Having Girls...

Pink is all around me

A Dance Party could break out at any moment.

Free plays and ballet performances in my family room every night

I still get to play with Barbie any time I want, (and they think it's Awesome!)

Snuggling in my bed is a normal part of our day

They like **sparkly** shoes as much as I do

I have company when I want to watch a musical

Mommy's kisses can still make boo-boo's feel better

They ADORE chocolate!

I have 2 personal hairdressers who like to 'Fancy me up' whenever I want.

Polka dots and swirlys are desirable forms of decoration

They love having their pictures taken as much as I love taking them.

Made up songs are some of our favorites

TONS of Ribbons and bows...All over the house

In their world, the Disney Princesses are real.

Dressing up in a fabulous outfit out of the dress up box is required at least once per day

I always have cooking and baking help

They never say no to a tea party, and everyone is always invited

Girl clothes are so much fun to shop for

We get to participate in things like gymnastics, dance and cheer

No potty mouths or crude jokes

They think their daddy is really a prince, (and they are right!)

American Girl dolls are all the rage

They believe in Magical Fairy Dust and Happily Ever After

They still want me to sing them lullabies before bed

Things like Polly Pocket's and Stickers are acceptable forms of currency

They still think their momma is the coolest chick around

But I know that I am the luckiest mommy EVER!

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  1. So sweet! My beautiful girl just came running out of her room because she is so proud that she braided her Barbie's hair all by herself. (It doesn't look anything like a braid, but we won't tell her that!) So naturally she wants to braid my hair now. So I am checking blogs while she makes me look beautiful!


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