Apr 12, 2011

Indy Children's Museum Review

This past Saturday we headed over to the Indianapolis Children's Museum for a day of fun with the girls. We had been to the museum a few years ago, and our girls really loved it, so they were excited to go back!

The last time we went, we got into Indianapolis the night before and got a hotel room, but this time, we decided just to make it a day trip. (If you do decide that you want to stay overnight, we have stayed at The Westin in Downtown Indy several times and always had a great experience. Also, I have heard that Holiday Inn North is great, too. They have an indoor water park, and you can get a package deal that includes tickets to the museum and Indianapolis Zoo also!)

Since they opened at 10am, and we wanted to get there when they opened, we got up early in the morning, packed the car with plenty of Goldfish crackers, Fruit Snacks, Bananas, Pretzels, Apple Juice, DVD's and toys, (AMAZING what you need for a 2 hour road trip with the kids...), and got on the road.

We were kind of bummed because it rained pretty much the whole way there, but the girls were great and we made good time. I was pretty happy to see that they parking garage that they were doing construction on the last time we were there is now finished, so we were able to park, (for FREE!), and walk across the indoor sky walk to the museum. It was MUCH BETTER than having to walk in the cold rain!

I was prepared to have to wait for a long time in line, but was pleasantly surprised. The line moved quickly and we only waited about 5 minutes. Plus, there was this really cool, HUGE Transformer right in the entrance area that kept talking, so that kept the girls' attention.

Another thing you can do to save time is buy your tickets online before you go. Admission is $16.50 for adults, and $11.50 for kids 2-17 (under 2 is free). So it's not necessarily a cheap day, but it's definitely worth it! Plus, if you plan to go more than twice in one year, you can get a family membership for $125, and it has lots of benefits! (Click here if interested). Also, they have Target Family Free Nights on the first Thursday of every month from 4-8pm. They also have a few other days throughout the year that are free. The next one is Sunday, May 1st.

One thing we did, (which I highly recommend), is starting at the top floor, where the Carousel is, and working your way down. Most families start on the first floor, and by the time you get to the top, the line for the Carousel is really long. (By the way, The Carousel is $1 per person to ride!). On the top floor, they also have these little houses for the kids to play in, and also a fun house with crazy mirrors and black lights.

When it was time for lunch, we headed down to their food court. I was pretty impressed with all of the options available. There are the standard pizza, burgers, nuggets etc., but there was also a deli section with turkey and cheese sandwiches, fruit, granola bars , and other healthier options. I will warn you, though, the food is not cheap! But you can also bring your own lunch and they have lockers available to rent so that you don't have to carry it around all day.

After lunch we went to a production of The Frog Prince in the Lily Theater on the lower level. You have to get tickets, but they are free, and we were lucky enough to snatch up the last four tickets for the 1pm show! It was a really nice theater, and my girls really loved the show, and after it was over the characters came out to take pictures with the kids.

Next on our to-do was the Barbie Fashion Experience. (I think I was just as excited as the girls on this one!). This is just a SUPER COOL exhibit for girls. They have all kinds of collector barbies, a station for kids to dress up mannequins, and even a Cat Walk! I was tempted to walk down it myself, but I let Faith have the spotlight instead, (sigh).

On that same floor, they also have a Dora and Diego area, Take me there Egypt, and a special exhibit of different costumes from movies, (LOTS of Star Wars and Super Hero costumes!).

We also visited the Power of Children area, where kids learn about other children who have made a difference, and the Dinosaur area. Our girls always like looking at the dinosaurs and how ENORMOUS they are!

Finally, at about 4pm, we told the girls it was time to go. I know that they must have been ready too because they didn't even ask to go into the gift shop as we left!

We really had a fantastic day and I know this is a place that we will come back to again and again. If you are planning to go, make sure to check out their web site before so that you have all the info, you need.

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