Apr 18, 2011

Memory Monday

So I decided to start doing Memory Mondays on my blog.  Basically, it's a time for me to share some of my favorite memories with my girls. 

Sometimes, it will be something cute they said.

Sometimes, it will be a fun trip we took.

Sometimes, it will be a picture. 

Today, I was looking at the forecast for this week, and unfortunately, lots of rain is in the near future.  But it made me think about a time that Addy was a little over a year and a half.  It was pouring down rain outside, so I opened our front door so that she could stand at the screen and watch it.

She was fascinated at all that water coming down and said, "momma, look!". 
I said, "yes, that's the rain coming down outside."
Then she said, "Wow!  Now turn it off!" :)

I just loved that perspective.  She thought I could just turn off the rain like a faucet.  If only that were true...

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