Aug 27, 2011

Feeling Overwhelmed But Pressing On

This is the time of year that I start to feel extremely overwhelmed.

I think most moms feel this way.

There is just so much going on.

Getting the kids off in the morning on time and with all their stuff, Making sure that they do their homework in the evenings,  filling out the 2000 forms that the schools require, getting to practices and games, making sure you pay all the dues to all the people you now owe, doing laundry so the kids have what they need when they need it, trying to find time to make dinners and keep your house semi-clean, and keep up with all the social invitations you and your kids are now getting. 

Plus, for me, it's a gazillion things for our cheer squad, trying to keep up with blog posts, volunteering at church, volunteering at my girls' schools, doing stuff with our House Church, and finding time for some family fun in the middle of it all.

Sometimes, I lay awake at night worrying about it all and trying really hard to organize it in my head so that I don't forget anything.

Don't get me wrong, I Love all this stuff, and I'm not trying to complain.  I feel very blessed to have the life I have.  But it does all become a bit much sometimes, and I wonder how I can juggle everything.

For me, I make a lot of lists, (or I would forget EVERYTHING!), I have people around me to help remind me, I have a WONDERFUL husband who is a HUGE help to me, and I just try to give myself grace when things fall through the cracks.

Because stuff will fall through the cracks.  No one is perfect.

I think that is the thing I need to remember most.  And also to show my girls.

We all fail sometimes.  And that's okay.

We get up and try to do better next time.

Because I would rather put it all out there and try to experience as much of this great life as possible, and occasionally fail, then to just sit back and watch it all go by.

After all, I'm only getting one shot at it. 

So crazy or not, I'm gonna try to do it all...

....and maybe take a happy pill or two to get me through :)

So seriously, what do you do to help you make it through all the craziness?  How do you keep from feeling completely overwhelmed?


  1. I don't know how to stop from feeling overwhelmed but I make tons of lists too! And I have started having my kids do more chores. Gotta be fulfilled by the smiles on the kids faces when you walk into school to volunteer in their classroom or see them bounding out of dance class or just watch them talking about their day at bedtime. Sure makes it all worth it!!!

  2. A lot of prayer! Seriously.


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