Aug 25, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownie Bars

As I have told you like a hundred times now, I am addicted to Pinterest.

I spend WAAAAAAAY to much time on there and it seems that lately, I have no original ideas because I found so many good one's on Pinterest.

And honestly, why spend my precious time trying to come up with something clever when somebody else already did the work for you.

I'm all about making life easier for me.

So the other day we had a swim party to go to and I had to bring a dessert.

Now, all moms know that when you are asked to bring a dish to a carry-in function, there are three ways you can go.

First way ="Oh my life is so busy right now that I just didn't have time to make anything so I brought this box of cookies from the grocery."

Totally acceptable, but it's not going to get you very far in the 'Ooooh, I want to be a mom like her' competition.

{Yes, there is a competition.}

{I'm not even close to being in the lead.}

{I'm okay with that.}

The second way you can go= "I made this incredible dish and while it took me two full days, it was totally worth it."

Now this will get you much further along in the competition, maybe even to the front.  But I will warn you that other moms will despise you because of it and probably talk behind your back.  saying things like,

"She probably bought that." or

"I would have time to make that too if I didn't have important things to do." or

"Whatever.  She's just showing off."

I wouldn't be saying these things, but I can assure you that others would.

But the third way= "I wanted to bring something good, but that was easy and no fail.  It didn't take much time and even I couldn't mess it up."

This is the kind of dish that will endear you to everyone around. 


First, because everyone likes good food, and second, because it gives them the hope of being able to bring it to their next event and being the "ooooh, I want to be a mom like her" lady!

See what I mean?  It's all very complicated.

But here I was in this predicament the other day.  What would I do?

Go to Pinterest, of course!


They are Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownie Bars.

The name alone is enough to make you put on five pounds.

First, you make a layer of chocolate chip cookie bars and spread them in a pan.  Next, layer double stuff oreos on top, and then spread on a family size brownie batter mixed with hot fudge sauce.  Finally just bake it up and watch it disappear once it is served.  Here is the official recipe.

I wish I had captured my own pic, but they went too fast.  But boy were they good.

And best of all, I was the mom who had that killer recipe that everyone loved but that they knew they could pull off too.


I think I am a little further along in the competition this week.

Until next week when I send in cheese balls for the class snack...

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  1. Oh my this look delish. Can you make this lowfat for me? :)

  2. You CRACK me up! I love the recipe but the true taleof the mom competition had me rolling.


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