Aug 14, 2011

What I *WON'T* Be Doing This Week and Target Winner!

Well, it's here. 

Today closes out the Back-To-School series, and I still have mixed emotions about the end of summer and the start of school.

I am excited for my girls to go, but since Faith will be starting Kindergarten, and she is my last baby, I am sad too.

I am holding on for dear life to the last week of baby that I have left. 

So, just so you know, here's all the stuff I WON'T be doing this week:

-I won't be telling her to stop sucking her thumb
-I won't be telling her that she doesn't need 'bwankie'
-I won't stop cuddling with her so that I can get something done.
-I won't be telling her that it's too late for a lullaby.
-I won't be telling her that she needs to talk in her big girl voice.
-I won't be making her get dressed all by herself because 'she's a big girl'
-I won't rush through our mornings so that we can get on with the day.
-I won't be making her take a big girl shower instead of a bath.
-I won't be thinking, "I wish she could do this herself".
-I won't be telling her that there's no time for dress-up.
-I won't be putting her to bed relieved that I get "me time"
-I won't be spending as much time writing this blog so that I can spend the last week before school starts enjoying every.  single.  second.  of the baby that I still have left.

I hope you understand, and that you too are enjoying the last  bits of summer.

I will have a *few* posts this week, but they will be short and simple.

BUT, before I go, I want to announce the winner of the $20 Target Gift Card Giveaway! 

Congratulations to BETH NEWSOME!!!!!

Hope you enjoy it and get something fun!


  1. Something I need to remember! They grow up so fast and we need to enjoy them while we can.

  2. Love this post about enjoying the last week and thanks SO MUCH for the gift card...this couldn't come at a better time. Our house majorly flooded this weekend and TONS of stuff gotten ruined or damaged. I need a Target "pick me up"!!! Thanks girl!!


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