Aug 22, 2011

Mix It Up Monday: Stripes and a Hat

Well, I'm back with Mix It Up Monday!

I just know you've been DYING to know what I've been wearing each week, Right?! :)

But you haven't missed much.  Mostly I've been in shorts and t-shirts because I have been coaching my daughter's cheer camp and now the games, and it has been HOT!  Sweaty me in sweaty clothes does NOT need to be captured in photos.

Trust me on that one!

But I did happen to capture one pic of an outfit that I have worn the heck out of lately.

Now, before you judge, let me inform you that I already KNOW that bigger girls should not be wearing big stripes. 

BUT, I don't think the know-it-all who made up that rule knows just how comfy this tank is.  And that in only cost me 50 cents!

50 cents I tell you!!!

If you find a comfy shirt that you like for 50 cents, I say that alone is reason enough to wear it everyday!

So I do. 

Okay, not exactly every day...but a lot of days.

Cardi and white tank: Target, Striped Tank: Gap Outlet, Pants:  Goodwill (Target), Hat: Charming Charlie

And then there's the hat.

I am normally not a hat wearer.

{Is 'wearer' a word?  If not, I just made it one.}

But I found this beauty at Charming Charlie, and thought I would try to become a hat wearer.

{Getting some good mileage out of my new word}

It has this cute bow on the front, and I LOVE a good bow!  Plus, I have had lots of compliments on it, so I think it's working.  Who knows, maybe I will be wearing hats now all the time.

So there it is my friends.  Stripes and a hat.  Not exactly ready for the pages of Vogue, but for my little blog here, I think it works just fine.

As always, I will be linking up to Momma Go Round for RMRS and The Pleated Poppy for WIWW.  Be sure to click over and check out all the other mommas who are showing us their fashion faves!


  1. Great outfit! I think stripes are okay for bigger women. I think it's best to take it on a case by case basis.

    Followed you here from RMRS!


  2. love the hat! you have a pretty smile.

  3. I think the tank looks great on you. Embrace the stripe! I like the hat too. It suits you!


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