Sep 24, 2012

Cheap or Thrifty??

There is a difference between the two.

For example:

-Purchasing off the kids menu in a restaurant, even though you're an adult.
-Being unwilling to purchase anything without a coupon.
-Returning things after you have used/worn them.
-Replying on other people to cover you all the time.
-Constantly finding reasons to not tip well, (or not tipping at all!)
-Asking others for their leftovers or for part of their meal.
-Being willing to lie or stretch the truth in order to save some $$.
-Asking for free samples instead of actually purchasing something.
-Re-gifting items so that you don't have to buy a present.
-Inconveniencing someone in order to save yourself a little money.
-Keeping track of every single dollar (or 50 cents), that someone owes you.

These are all examples of being CHEAP!

But, here are examples of being THRIFTY:

-Purchasing something that is used but still in good shape vs. buying new
-Getting a great value instead of just looking for a deal.
-Choosing to eat at home instead of eating out.
-Researching in order to get the most/best for your money.
-Sticking to a budget.
-Choosing to drink water with your meal when you eat out.
-Bartering for services.
-Growing your own food.
-Waiting to get something you want when it goes on sale.
-Eating leftovers for a second meal instead of wasting.
-Choosing a matinee over an evening movie.
-Taking advantage of free and discounted events and services.

Have you done/Do you do any of these?  Do you have other examples?  Do you have any funny "cheap" stories??

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