Sep 13, 2012

Disney Disney Disney

My little Princesses

Ya'll know how much I love Disney World!

It's my real life happy place.

Nothing bad happens at Disney, right?!

(Oh yeah, except when my kid got the stomach flu there the last time and we spent 3 days of our vacation in the hotel room with her puking her guts out.)

But never mind all that.

I am excited to tell you that we will be going to Disney World again this November, and OHHH how excited I am!!

We'll get to try lots of new things this time because 1. ) they are opening a whole load of new stuff like the Be Our Guest Restaurant from Beauty and The Beast, Celebrate The Magic, Enchanted Tales With Belle, and Under The Sea- Journey of The Little Mermaid, (click here to find out about all the new stuff!) and 2.) because both girls are tall enough to ride almost every ride at every park now!!

Plus, that feeling, when you walk into the Magic Kingdom, is indescribable.

The first time we took Addy, I cried.


Because I'm an emotional basket case.

But also because I think taking your kids to Disney World is something that almost every parent dreams of.

I never got to go as a kid and I always felt like I was missing out on a kind of right of passage.

And I just knew that when I became a parent, I wouldn't let them miss out on that opportunity.

(BTW, don't feel too sorry for me.  I got to do lots of other fun vacations as a kid, and even go to Italy when I was in High School.  Rough life, I know).

So when we walked into The Magic Kingdom with her, it was as if I had fulfilled that promise to myself and was able to make one of her very first dreams come true.

Our first visit with Addy when she was 4

And that's what Disney is about.

Making dreams come true.

You want to be a princess?

Then that's what you are!

How about a Pirate?


And you want to spin in a saucer, fly on an elephant and ride a magic carpet?

You can do all that, too.

It truly is Magical.

And also, we are getting a great deal.

Which makes it Magical for our bank account, also.

If you are interested in planing a Disney trip of your own, check out their site here.

(And I am NOT an affiliate or making any money off of this recommendation!  I just REALLY love Disney!)

So tell me, have you been to Disney World?  Are you a Disney freak like me?  What's your favorite part?  

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