Sep 11, 2012

Ten Ways To Give A Gift Without Spending Money

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I LOVE to give gifts.

I have said before that it is a gift to me to be able to give someone a gift that they really love.

And often, we think we have to spend a lot of money to make someone happy.

But often, the best gifts cost us nothing at all.

Here are Ten Ways to Give A Gift Without Spending Money:

10.  Offer to Babysit!  If you have children, you know what a treasure it is to have a date night and know that you won't have to pay a babysitter.  And don't just put it out there and offer, actually have them give you a list of dates that work, and choose one (or more) that work for you!

9.  Make a Meal!  Sometimes it's nice to get muffins or cookies.  But what really helps out is when someone delivers an entire meal to your door.  No cooking and no having to pay for dinner.  Awesome!

8.  Do some Housework!  Oh the luxury of having a housekeeper!  That is something most of us can't afford.  BUT, if a friend would be willing to come and do it for you, that would maybe be the best gift ever!

7. Write a Note!  Sometimes, the people we care about just want to hear the words.  Take time to sit down and write a letter and tell them what they mean to you and why.

6.  Become a Photographer!  Everyone loves great family photo's, but photo sessions can be pricey.  But with a decent camera and good editing software, almost anyone can capture at least a few great pics.  Offer to accompany them and their family on an afternoon outing and be their own personal photographer.

5.  Get Crafty!  Knit a scarf, repaint a frame to look pretty, or put together a really cool wreath.  We all love those cute little things we see on Pinterest, but we rarely have time to do them.  Try doing one of them for a friend!

4.  Give a Lesson!  Maybe you know how to sew, but your friend doesn't.  Or maybe you're a really good cook and she can barely boil water.  Whatever skill you have that your friend may want to learn, (but maybe is afraid to ask you about), is a great opportunity to give of yourself!

3.  Coupons!  This one is a no-brainer.  It has been around a while, and for good works!  Write a coupon book that the receiver can exchange for items.  We did this with our girls one year for Christmas and they loved it.  Some of our coupons were for: 30 minutes of staying up later, ice cream for breakfast, having a friend spend the night, and getting to choose what we have for dinner.

2.  Make a Scrap Book!  This one is great for anyone, but especially family members.  Collect old photo's, write down memories, and be creative.  We did this for my Father-In-Law's Birthday one year and I think I loved it as much as he did because I got to learn so much more about him while I was putting it together.

1. Give them Your Time!  If the receiver is anything like me, it's your time that means the most to them.  Take a whole day and spend it doing fun stuff with your friend.  And it doesn't have to cost a lot (or anything!).  Hiking, cooking together, watching TV movies, or just sitting and chatting are great bonding activities.  OR, if it's a guy your giving to, let him have a day just to watch sports or listen to his favorite band.

Do you have any other good ideas for ways to Give without spending Money??  If so, Please Share!!

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  1. These are great ideas! Our group of friends is big on bringing meals or offering to babysit older siblings when babies are born. Otherwise we'd be buying A LOT of baby gifts! Another idea that combines the cooking and coupons is to give a year's worth of cookies or other dessert - you can make coupons for 12 different kinds and they can pick each month, or you can just take them whatever kind each month. It's good for priests and others who might get tons of desserts at Christmas but not too many the rest of the year.

  2. What a great list of ideas! These really are some of the best gifts that I would like to receive. I little help with the load of motherhood!

  3. Great list and timely reminder! I think I've done all those things at some point or another, and it seems to me that giving the gift of time and creative service often is a gift right back in return.

  4. You could make something according to your hobbies using materials you already had. For example, my mom loves to bead and will often give people jewelry. I like to embroider, so I'll sometimes monogram a gift for someone. It would work for gardeners or painters or woodworkers too. Before she died, I used to give my grandmother foot massages. She was severely arthritic and appreciated them very much.

    About #8, I would hate it if someone came over to my house to clean though I wouldn't mind doing it for someone else. I just wouldn't know how to offer that gift without being insulting.


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