Oct 2, 2011

Living Life

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a few days.

Well, I've been out living life.

Do any other bloggers in bloggyland have this dilemma??

I feel bad when I don't update the blog or let it go for a while.

But the reason I do that is because I am actually out enjoying the life I blog about.

For instance, Thursday evening we made a meal and took it to a family whose 10-year-old little girl has leukemia and is going through chemo.

It broke my heart to see this sweet little girl who is dealing with so much, and her parents who are exhausted from worry, and almost feeling guilty for having the blessing of 2 healthy children.

Then Friday my girls were out of school, so I spent the morning letting them play with other kids and getting donuts, and having fun together.  Then Friday night we went to the High School football game with friends, (We WON!!!), and froze our little behinds off because it was soooooo cold!

Then Saturday we had parents day at my daughter's game, (she cheers), and did a little more freezing.  (We lost that game, though...)

And Saturday night we had a mini date at Smashburger, (and threw in some grocery shopping for good measure.  Nothing says hot date like a trip to Kroger!), and then went to my sister's for a get-together while the kids spent the night at the grandparents.

And today, we went to church and then to The Potato Festival with the same good friends from Friday night, and had so much fun eating our way through the entire thing.

Can I just say that potato skins and bourbon chicken make an EXCELLENT lunch??

After that it was nap time and then on to practice for the coaches charity flag football game tomorrow night.  I am a cheer coach, so I, (along with all the other crazy cheer coaches), will be cheering on our football coaches as they go for the win!

About 15, 30-40 year olds, out doing cheers and a half-time dance should be a good time...for everyone.

But now can you see why I don't have time to write?

I LOVE my life, crazy and hectic as it is, and I wouldn't change a thing.

So please forgive me if I'm not always sitting at the computer writing about it.

Just know that I am enjoying it, (and thinking about you and how I will tell you all about it soon!), and that THIS is the reason I write!

Thanks for continuing to tune in.

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