Oct 11, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

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My girls LOVE a good knock knock joke.

Okay, so even if it ISN'T so funny, they still Love them!

My oldest daughter caught on to knock knock jokes early, so most of hers made zero sense, but she thought they were hilarious just the same.

And of course, I thought it was funny just to watch her crack herself up :)

Now they actually know some real knock knock jokes and it's one of our family favorites to see who can come up with the best ones.

Here are a few that we love, and some new ones to add to the mix.

10.  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Doris.  Doris Who?  Door is locked, that's why I'm knocking!
HA!  My daughter got this one from the show that used to be on Disney called The Doodlebops.  She told it over and over again.

9.  Knock knock.  Who's there?  Banana.  Banana who?  Knock knock.  Who's there? Banana.  Banana who?  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Orange.  Orange who?  Orange ya glad I didn't say Banana?  ...Also a family favorite!

8.  Knock Knock.  Who's There?  Boo.  Boo Who?  It's only a joke, don't cry about it.  Hahaha, this one's a classic!

7.  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Andy Green.  Andy green who?  Andy Green grass grows all around and around Andy green grass grows all around. :)

6.  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Police.  Police who?  Police stop telling these jokes.

5.  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Luck.  Luck who?  Luck through the peep hole and you'll find out who's knocking.

4.  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Woo.  Woo Who?  Don't get so excited, it's only a joke!

3.  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Anita.  Anita who?  Anita come in!

2.  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Howie.  Howie who?  Howie suppose to get in if you won't open the door?

1.  Knock knock.  Who's There?  Thermos.  Thermos who?  Thermos be a better joke that this!

I hope you have fun sharing some of these fun knock knocks with your little jokesters!

I am linking up with Oh Amanda!  for Top Ten Tuesday!

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  1. we love knock knock jokes too!!
    Our favorite is knock knock who's there..Dwayne. Dwayne who? dwayne the bathtb i'm dwowning...


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