Oct 27, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Cupcakes!

Today a friend and I decided to take the girls to a cupcake shop that just opened close by.

Have I ever shared my love for cupcakes?

(It may be obvious by looking at me...)

Anyhoo,  This cupcake craze has taken over the world, and our area is just now starting to catch on.  And boy am I glad for that! 

The name of the place we visited today is Frost Cupcake Bar.


Basically, they have specialty cupcakes already made, OR you can design your own cupcake with cake, frosting flavor and toppings.

A couple of the girls opted for the ghost cupcakes that had a surprise in the middle, (oreo or m&m's), but I just couldn't pass up designing my own.

I KNOW I've shared my love of Nutella with you, and can you believe they had a Nutella frosting?? 

It was divine!

Light and fluffy, yet still creamy and decadent.  Exactly what I had hoped for.  Plus, I got mine with caramel drizzle.  And when one of the co-owners ask if I wanted chocolate shavings on top, who was I to say no?!

Ummm, can you say perfection?

I was tempted to get another to take home for later, but I have a feeling my 5-year-old would have ratted me out to my husband and I wasn't in the sharing kind of mood.

I must say, this cupcake bar idea is genius.  Kinda wish I have thought of it on my own.  But since I didn't, I'll just have to keep visiting the shop.

And I can because the cupcake are super reasonable at only around $3 each, (and less if you buy a dozen or more!).

Plus, the owners said that they are trying new recipes and flavor combinations all the time, so that is reason enough right there!

If you are in The Dayton area, you will want to try them out soon!  They are located in Springboro at 153 S. Main St. and their hours are Monday -Friday 10-7, and Saturday 11-8.  You can also check out their facebook page here.

And if you DO go in, tell them you heard about it here.  Maybe they'll send cupcakes :)

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