Oct 4, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: DIY Kids Costumes

Last week, I gave you my Top Ten for couple's costumes.

This week, it's DIY kids costumes.

Because honestly, it bothers me that it cost $20-$40 for a costume that my kid is going to wear once or twice.

Plus, they are usually made with cheap materials that don't last that long.

Nothing like paying $20 for a costume that rips in the first 15 minutes your kid has it on.

Soooo, I am a fan of DIY costumes.

Not that we always do this.

Sometimes, paying $20 so I can be lazy and my daughter can have the same costume as ten of her friends is worth it.

But in case you decide that you, too, don't want to spend a days pay on a cheap costume, then here are some ideas for you!

10.  Kitty Cat!  This is SUPER easy to do because all you need is a black leotard and tights, (or shirt and pants), and *maybe* a tutu or skirt over it.  You can add some whiskers and a nose with black eyeliner or face paint and throw on some kitty ears, (may your own with a headband or buy some.  They are usually pretty cheap around this time of year!).

9.  Cowgirl or Cowboy!  My daughter is going as a cowgirl this year and it's an easy costume because all we are doing is wearing a denim skirt, a plaid shirt, a cowgirl hat and boots, and a scarf tied around her neck.  Boys can do the same only with jeans. Easy peasy!

8.  A Christmas/Birthday Present!  My husband and I actually went as gifts last year to a wedding themed costume party.  You just get an old box, cut out arm and neck holes, and wrap it up with pretty paper and ribbon.  Voila! 

7.  Hula girl!  The dollar store has all kinds of grass skirts and lei's usually.  Grab one up and put a pretty Hawaiian shirt with it, and maybe a flower in your hair and there you have it.

hawaiian girls
You can also try this one from marthastewart.com

6.  A Robot!  Again with the boxes...just cut the holes, wrap in silver paper or aluminum foil and put buttons and gadgets on with construction paper.  Boys will love this!

5.  A Baby!  Put on some footed pj's, a pacifier (or bottle), a blankie and teddy bear.  Super easy (you probably already have most of this), and super cheap!

4.  Old Person!  Get a gray wig, (or throw powder in their hair), some granny/grandpa glasses, a robe and slippers and you have yourself a costume.

3.  RockStar!  Put some colored hair spray in, tease it up and wear either ripped jeans and a rock-n-roll shirt or a tulle skirt and bright colored shirt.  You can also make a guitar out of cardboard too if your up for it, or carry a microphone.

2.  Beauty Pageant Winner!  Have your little girl put on a fancy dress, place a tiara on her head (every family with girls has LOTS of these!), make a sash (you can use old sheets cut up or white plastic garbage bags cut to the correct shape), and give her some flowers to carry.  You can also check out these instructions on the Disney FamilyFun site!

Miss Universe Costume for Kids

1.  A Ghost!  Why mess with a good thing?  Grab a sheet, cut out eye holes and off they go. 

Hope that these ideas help you as you get your little goblins ready for trick-or-treat!

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  1. Love these costume ideas. I need to get working on my families costumes. I am also a fan of diy costumes. Thanks for sharing!!

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