Oct 28, 2011

Stuff We've Been Up To

It has been sort of an exhausting October around here.

Fun, but exhausting.

I am waaaaaaay behind on sharing what has been going on it our lives, but I figure better late than never.

Here goes:

One of the super fun things that we did was take the girls down to Kings Island, (the local Amusement Park), for the Howl-O-Fest!  The kids got to dress up in their costumes and there are lots of fun activities for them, plus the rides are still open so we did some of those too.

Here are a few pics from that:

Addy being silly

Some of the friends we went with

Going through the hay maze

Our little cowgirl dancer

Another one of our fun adventure's was Addy's cheer Halloween party.  We did one last year and she pretty much got to invite almost everyone. 

There were 50 first and second graders at my house. 

Not sure I will ever try that again.

Needless to say, we did it on a MUCH smaller scale this year and limited it to just the cheer squad.  It was lots of fun and we had yummy food, fun games, a scary story, and a Halloween show to top it off.  Here are some pictures from the party:

Our treat bags!  Load em' up with SUGAR!!

Witch hat cookies

The jack-o-lantern with carrots

Some of our fun decorations

Me telling ghost stories to the girls...have to say my eyes look a little spooky here too :)

The girls watching their Halloween show.

We also made our annual trip to Windmill Farms for the hayride and pumpkin picking.  The girls had a blast with the tractor pulling us through muddy trails and down steep hills, and also the scary characters that kept jumping out.

They also have play equipment for the kids and animals for the kids to visit with.  But I must say that one of the MAJOR highlights of the day was the Apple Cider Slushies.  YUMMO!!

Our hayride

Daddy and his girls

Addy choosing her perfect pumpkin!  (The one we used to make pumpkin pie!)

Faith getting some help from daddy

Faith playing on top of the castle

The girls with The Pumpkin King

Apple Cider Slushies...Mmmmmmm.....

And finally, I want to tell you about our AWESOME time at The Ballet!  We got tickets from The Dayton Ballet to see Sleepy Hallow and a variation on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 


My girls really enjoy the ballet and since Faith just started ballet classes this year, she truly enjoyed seeing professionals who have been doing this for a long time.

I could go on and on about how great it was, but I think my 5-year-old summed it up best when at the end she said, "Mom, that was SO COOL!".

I agree!

And I was so glad that the winner of the ballet tickets giveaway could be there, too!  They also enjoyed the performance and it was an extra treat that after the show, some of the performers came out to meet the audience and take questions. 

The kids really loved that!

My two sweet girls

Faith getting ready for the show

A few of the performers after the show

The winners of the giveaway!

Besides all of these fun things, we have been finishing up cheer season, getting ready for TWO costume parties this weekend for the hubs and I, (Pictures to come!), Attending a Going Away party for a dear friend of mine, Sad :(, going to my favorite festival...The Potato Festival!, celebrating hubby's b-day, celebrating my dad's b-day, date night at the haunted houses, and all of our normal day-to-day stuff.

I am tired just thinking about my life.

But I love it :)

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  1. We had a great time. The girls loved it! Thanks again Ricki!! Jules


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