Oct 5, 2011

WIWW: I LOVE Sweaters!

Last week was kind of chilly around here, so I got to pull out some of my sweaters!!

I LOVE sweaters!!!

They keep you cosy and comfy and hide all those areas that swimsuits and shorts show off.

Yeah, I am DEFINITELY a sweater girl :)

Unfortunately, I was enjoying my sweaters so much that I forgot to take pictures of myself actually wearing them...

Except for this one:

We were going to my sisters for a get together and I remembered that I should probably get at least *one* pic for this week.

I love the layering I can do with this sweater, (and oh my.  As the winter wears on, you will see that I LOVE to layer too!), and I think the belt breaks it up a little.

And I got to wear heeled boots too!

This makes for one happy girl :)

Except it's now back in the mid 70's here...so no sweaters this week.

Gotta love Ohio weather.

I am linking up with Momma Go Round for RMRS, and The Pleated Poppy for WIWW. 

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