Apr 27, 2012

The Baggers At Kroger Hate Me

Remember last week when I told you about all the great Earth Day stuff you could do?  And I told you I was going to the grocery on Sunday and using my reusable bags?

Well, I did.

I was so proud of myself for actually remembering the bags and I proudly displayed them on top of my cart as I shopped, as if to say,

"Look!  I'm saving the world one bag at a time!"

So when I arrived at the check-out lane and the bagger asked if plastic was okay, I smiled and said, "Actually, could you use these (my reusable bags), and when they are full, please use paper."

I was sure he was going to give me an award or something.

But instead, he looked at me and with that annoyed teenager look and said "uh-huh".

So, I finished loading my stuff and after I paid and the cashier started helping the bagger, the cashier said, "Is it okay if I put this other stuff in plastic?" (The reusable bags were full).

It was obvious he must not have heard my proud Earth Day Statement.

"No, could you please use paper?"  I say.

And again, no award.

He grabbed a paper bag and dropped a few things in.

And then, "can I put your meat in the plastic?" he asks.

Apparently they didn't get the Earth Day memo.  (Maybe I should have left them my blog card...)

"Ummm, no." I say, "please use paper."

And THEN he totally rolled his eyes! 

Didn't they know how proud I was?  How big of a step this was for me?  I mean, no award is one thing, but rolling your eyes?!

And what he did next was down right aggressive!  I had a bag of pretzels and a bag of chips left, and instead of asking HE JUST GRABBED A PLASTIC BAG AND THREW THEM IN!!!!

I knew they were trying to squash my Earth Day pride.  But I maintained my cool, strolled my cart quickly to the side, hid the plastic bag so no one could see it in my cart, and then proudly marched out to my van so that everyone else could see what a great Earth citizen I was.

And then I took this picture.  Kind of like it was my birthday.

So, the baggers at Kroger hate me, but I'm pretty sure I'm a star in the Go Green community! :)


  1. Wow, I can't believe they had such a problem with just doing what you asked. I give you a gold star for your Earth Day efforts!!

  2. I know they hate me. I try to line up my purchases, so the cold items end up in the same bags. I still end up finding my butter in with the cleaning supplies. Good job trying though!

  3. I would have had to stop, look at him, and say "Do you have some kind of love fetish of plastic bags? Do you? DO YOU?!?"

    The rolling the eye thing would have been the breaking point with me.

    Love the bags!

  4. So weird (the bagger). And - you're definitely saving the earth - one plastic bag at a time. way to go! :)

  5. I hate reusable bags..they are a pain to deal with.the bagger did the right thing

    1. I agree 100%. Reusable bags are annoying. The bagger did the right thing.

  6. I hate reusable bags..they are a pain to deal with.the bagger did the right thing

  7. he didn't have to bag your stuff. why be so picky? Let him use plastic or you don't get your stuff bagged at all.

  8. Your meat GOES in plastic, no questions asked! baggers are trained to put meat in plastic. Don't like it? Too bad!


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