Apr 9, 2012

Pictures from Spring Break

I'm still trying to dig my way out from all of this Vacation laundry, so I won't be giving you the complete Spring Break recap today.

BUT, I thought I'd share some pictures to get you through until I do.

Because I KNOW you are just dying to hear all about our adventure. 

Teaser:  We may have earned the title of National Lampoons Family Vacation...

Anyhoo...here ya go!

Official Family Beach Pic!

Faith all packed into the car
Addy on our way to Destin

Addy's one wish for vacation was chocolate chip pancakes.  I think she enjoyed them :)

We watched this guy catch this 27 inch fish one night...very cool!

cousin's digging in the sand

all the kids with my sister, Regina

a crane that I saw at The Pier

A Peanut Butter donut from The Donut Hole...YUM!

Girls opening their Easter Baskets

how cute is this kid?!

our family at dinner at Fisherman's Wharf

our family in Seaside...BEAUTIFUL Place!!

My sister, Ro, and her family

The girls in Seaside

My parents

Moonlight over The Gulf

My sweet Addy girl!

Yummy Frozen Yogurt

Me at Pompano Joe's...my new FAVE!

Jeremy and I waiting at Pomapno Joe's

My sister, Ro, is always ready for the camera

Jeremy in Seaside

Me waiting at Pomapno Joe's

Jeremy in the hospital...yep, that happened.

Sunset at The Pier

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  1. OMG....I can't wait to hear all the details! Sorry we didn't get to meet up :( Booo! But I'm glad you guys had a great time! Good luck with that laundry! ;)


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