Apr 4, 2012

Easter Traditions

Our family has a tradition for just about every Holiday, and Easter is no exception.

Usually, the girls get up early to find their Easter baskets stuffed with lots of candy, spring toys, books and maybe even a movie.  Then they do their egg hunt in the backyad. 

After that, we all get dressed up in our Easter best and head to church, where we celebrate the true meaning of Easter.  And finally we go to my sister's house for our familty's traditional Easter dinner of ham, homemade fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, macaroni and cheese and yummy desserts. 

It's a pretty perfect day.

But this year, we will be on our way home from Florida.

Nothing says Easter like a hotel breakfast and six hour car ride, right?

Actually, this year we are going to celebrate Easter on Friday while we're still in Destin.  Who knows, it may become our new tradition :)

So tell me, what are some of your favorite Easter traditions?  Do you have a recipe you make every year, or a craft you are doing with your kids? 

If you need some ideas for new traditions or fun things to do with the kids, check out this site.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Easter, as you celebrate Him and the Joy that comes from knowing Him!

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