Apr 30, 2012

My Ultimate Mother's Day

In case you've been too busy to remember, Mother's Day is just a couple weeks away.  But you should probably start giving your husband and kids the heads up now.  Because otherwise, you'll end up with last minute drug store gifts like store brand hand lotion and the second book in a series, (that you haven't read the first of).

Trust me on this one.

To make it a little easier for my family, I made a pin board on Pinterest for my hubby and girls to look at so that they don't have to guess what mom wants for Mother's Day.  Yay for them, and yay for me!

My Ultimate Dream Mother's Day looks something like this:

My husband and kids let me sleep in until the smell of hot blueberry french toast casserole wakes me.  I am served breakfast in bed, along with beautiful bright spring tulips, (my favorite!)

After I eat, I am given all kinds of "mommy, we appreciate you" goodies, like a homemade craft from my girls,  a gorgeous chevron bag, a Lisa Leonard bracelet, a beautiful and totally girly bike, and a hot new pair of Nike's!  I slip on my new shoes and we go out for an afternoon family bike ride and I get to ride my new and fabulous bike.  Then we come home and my loving husband sends me to the spa for an hour massage while he cleans the house.

I come home completely relaxed and take a nap.  And later, while hubby grills dinner, I sip on some Riesling, sit in a comfy chair, and read a sappy love story just for fun.  When dinner is ready, we eat together on the back patio and after a yummy dessert of peanut butter pie, we watch the girls play until dark. 

It sounds like complete perfection to me.  A dream and complete wishful thinking, but perfection nonetheless.

But wouldn't you like to help me make some of my wishes come true??  If you would PLEASE OH PLEASE click the image above (which links to my picture on Tend), and click 'Love', which is a vote for my board, I am registered for a $500 Visa gift card!  PLUS, if I win, I get a Mother's Day Goodie Basket to give away on my blog, AND I'll personally be giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card!!

It can be perfection for all of us!  Each 'Love' click is one raffle ticket into the drawing, and it's only going on through May 9th!

Plus, if you haven't ever been to Tend, be sure to stick around and check it out.  It's a great community with lots of info. for moms and families. 

So Go Now and Vote for me!  Pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!

And then tell me, what does your Ultimate Mother's Day look like??

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